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Rafflesia is the largest and is one of the most magnificent flowers in the world. The largest species is R. arnoldii, 97cm in diameter. Three species are found in Sarawak. These are R. arnoldii, R. pricei and R. tuan-mudae, the latter being endemic to Sarawak.
Rafflesia is a parastitic plant, a gigantic liana. The only known host of Rafflesia is a Tetrastigma (Vitaceae). It is so specialised that the only visible part is the flower. The bud resembles a black or orange cabbage; upon maturity, it opens with a bursting sound, displaying its colourful, thick petals. It is said that the flower emits a penetrating smell. However the species in Sarawak only has a faint smell when one takes a deep sniff of the flower.
Habitat: Very rare and highly localised in mixed dipterocarp forest or secondary forest.
Distribution: In Gunung Gading National Park, Lanjak-Entimau Wild life Sanctuary, Padawan and Kelabit Highlands.
Note: Rafflesia is endangered and threatened because it is very host specific and has a high mortality rate. The buds are believed to have medicinal value.

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